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Dessert of the Month Club


Our Dessert of the Month Club members, aka Sweeties, receive a new dessert box each month to make, bake and decorate a beautiful and delicious dessert at home. The seasonally themed recipes along with the non-perishable ingredients and specialty tools are carefully curated by Jennifer to create a unique experience where bakers will continue to expand their baking skills, learn new techniques, and be able to enjoy and share delicious desserts each month.  Complete recipes for each component are included in the box along with a shopping list for necessary perishable items and a list of standard kitchen tools and appliances needed for the project.  Jennifer guides the Sweeties through step-by-step instructional videos that are fun and informational to work together to make that month's dessert project. One main feature of this club is the flexibility so that members make the dessert on their own timeline – the ingredients in each box have a 6-month shelf-life and the videos will always be available. Each finished dessert serves 10 - 12 people so that there is plenty to share with family and friends!


When joining, select the frequency for the payments for the monthly boxes. There are discounts and perks for those choosing quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment frequencies.  Memberships will continue to renew based on the original option chosen.   

Monthly – monthly payments of $80  - have the flexibility of making monthly payments.

Quarterly – quarterly payments of $225.  An annual savings of $60 off of the boxes and save another $15 off of the Essential Tool Kit

Semi-Annual – semi-annual payments of $440.  Annual savings of $80 off of the boxes (that’s 1 free box) and save another $30 off of the Essential Tool Kit

Annual – annual payments of $800.  Annual savings of $160 off of the boxes (that is 2 free months) and the Essential Tool Kit is included!

Regardless of the payment frequency chosen, members can pause or cancel their membership at any time.  

Upcoming Menu

Each menu is carefully planned to highlight the season and to teach new recipes and techniques.  Jennifer tests and tests these recipes so that they are tried and true and delicious!   

July – Pina Colada Ice Cream Cake - Bonus Push Pops

August - Strawberry Cake - Bonus Cake Balls

September 2023 - S’Mores Tart - Bonus Marshmallows

October 2023 - Medovik - Classic Ukrainian Honey Cake - Bonus Chocolate Bark

November 2023 - Apple Pie Cake - Bonus Shortbread Bars

December 2023 - Ginger Layered Cheese Cake - Bonus Gingersnap Cookies

More desserts will be coming – we are busy working on those recipes!

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