Croissants Online Class & Kit

Croissants Online Class & Kit
Croissants Online Class & Kit
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Available for pickup or shipping 4/27 - 6/5.   Intro Video

In this 3-day class, learn how to make the dough and flatten the butter on day 1, how to enrobe the butter and how to make turns to make the layers on day 2 and then how to roll, cut, form, proof and bake on day 3.  We use this recipe to make classic, chocolate and ham and cheese croissants.  They are absolutely delicious and worth all of the effort!  Items needed from home: Water 80 g, Whole Milk 80 g, 82% Butterfat Unsalted Butter 8 oz (Plugra, Kerrygold or Central Market European), Mixing Bowls, Plastic Wrap, Cup and Spoon Measures, Scale (optional), Rolling Pin, Sheet Pans, Saucepan, Oven and Stove.  

Instructor: Jennifer
Cost: $45.