Cheesecakes Online Class & Kit

Cheesecakes Online Class & Kit
Cheesecakes Online Class & Kit
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Available for pickup or shipping 4/27 - 6/5.   Intro Video

Chef Pavla will show participants how to prep the disposable paper baking pans with the crusts.  She will then walk everyone through making a cheesecake base followed by flavoring to make a layered Neapolitan and a swirl style cheesecake.  This project makes 2 classic New York delicious and creamy 6” cheesecakes.  Items needed from home:  Cream Cheese (2 lb), Eggs ( 6 large 3 whole/3 yolks), Heavy Whipping Cream (1/3 c), Whole Milk (3 TBSP), Lemon, Butter (6 oz 1 ½ sticks), Hand mixer/Stand mixer, Sheet pans, Mixing Bowls, Spatulas, Microwave, Oven.

Instructor: Pavla
Cost: $45.